Conference program

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EACAS2017 Conference Program FINAL (10-23-17)




DRAFT. Last updated October 23, 2017

THURSDAY, October 26

8:30 – 9:15am: Registration / Breakfast

9:15 – 9:30am: Welcome

9:30 – 10:30am: Keynote 1: Zipporah Weisberg: “Animal Liberation and Feminist Politics in the Age of Trump”

10:30 – 10:45am: Break

10:45am – 12pm: Panels 1 + 2

Panel 1: Speciesist norms and psychological barriers to change

Simon Gerlach, Why are we so morally inconsistent when it comes to animals?

Per-Anders Svärd, The Political Logics of Modern Speciesism

David Pedersen, Marketing and “Meat-a-physics”: Managing an appetite for meaning in modern consumer society

Panel 2: Nonhuman animal images: documentation and strategic use

Pinja Mustajoki, Rise of the Living Dead: Production Animals on Video

Laura Fernandez Aguilera, Images that liberate. Strategic visual communication of farmed animals’ exploitation. A study of animal liberation activists in Spain

Leonie Bossert, Nonhuman Animals and Sustainable Development – Overcoming the anthropocentric outlook of the latter

12 – 1pm:

1 – 2:15pm: Panels 3 + 4

Panel 3: Animal exploitation in contemporary marketing and campaigns

Jessica Thiel, The Happiness Paradox and the Dairy Industry

Saara Kupsala, Interspecies Encounters in a marketing context: Proximity and transparency in Finnish meat companies’ marketing campaigns

Marcus Ventin, The Welfare Economic Treatment of Farm Animal Welfare

Panel 4:
Intersectionality: perspectives on decolonization and feminism

Terry Hurtado, Building Space for Animals in Colombian Peace Process

Abi Masefield, Cannibal Nutrition: Big Slaughter, Big Hunger … and what about the right to NOT be food?

Iselin Gambert and Tobias Linné, An Ice Cold Glass of Pure Racism: Entanglements of milk and exploitation

2:15 – 2:30pm:

2:30 – 3:45pm: Panels 5 + 6

Panel 5: Marxist perspectives

Camilla Flodin, Adorno’s Utopian Animals

Onur Alptekin, Animal Labour and the Commodified Flesh: A Marxist Critique

Tobias Rein, Veganism, Ideology and the Critique of the Political Economy

Panel 6:
Perspectives on vegan activism and campaigns

Elizabeth Price: Weaponizing Compassion: The 1990s Vegan Straight Edge Metalcore Movement and Hybrid Masculinity

Micha Edlich, Animal Rights Activism, Comics Art, and Independent Publishing: Matt Miner’s Liberator, Critical Hit, and Black Mask Studios (TBC)

Estela Diaz, The Second-curve model, a promising framework for studying change: veganism as a case study

3:45 – 4:15pm:

4:15 – 5:15pm: Keynote 2: Jo-Anne McArthur, We animals: Animal Rights Photojournalism and the Importance of Stories

5:15pm: OPTIONAL: Gather [place TBD] to form small groups to coordinate self-pay dinner in Lund or Malmö

FRIDAY, October 27

8:45 – 9:15am: Registration / Breakfast

9:15 – 10:30am: Panels 7 + 8

Panel 7: Interspecies Encounters

Erika Cudworth, For Terraism: multispecies community in a time of extinction

José De Giorgio-Schoorl, Subjects or Tools? The objectification of dogs, and other animals, in the ongoing development of Animal Assisted Interventions

Matthew Porges, The Political Economy of Camel Husbandry: Human-Nonhuman relationships as a determinant of political behavior

Panel 8:
Animals (ab)use and Scientific Research

Anne van Veen, Interspecies Relations in polio vaccine practices in the Netherlands

Tereza Vandrovcová, Animals as Laboratory Objects: Analysis of the Power Discourse

Jari Kärkkäinen, Wrongful discrimination of animals

10:30 – 10:40am:

10:40 – 11:10am:

A. Poster Presentation:

Amina Grunewald, Other-Then-Human Ontologies – Of Ancestor and Clan Animals in AlterNative Storytelling

B. Presentations by Scandinavian animal rights groups:

Arternes Aarhus, The Activists’ Perspective: concrete and creative ways of challenging the anthropocentric city

Djurens Rätt

C. Presentation by European Confederation of Human Animal Studies

11:15am – 12:30pm: Panels 9 + 10


Panel 9: Critical Problematising in Animal Politics

Delia Langstone, Naughty Fido: canine transgression in the Surveillance Society

Kendra Coulter, Humane Jobs: Towards Multispecies Wellbeing

Mathias Elrød Madsen and Marie Leth-Espensen, From public indignation to emancipatory critique

Panel 10:
Theoretical perspectives on advocating animal liberation

Núria Almiron, Is appealing to climate change and environment an effective advocacy strategy to reduce oppression of nonhuman animals? A discussion on evidences and arguments

Jonna Håkansson, The Doings of Emotions in the Struggle Against the Speciesist, Patricolonial System

Dorna Behdadi, Rules of the Pack – Moral Practices Among Canids

12:30 – 1:30pm:

1:30 – 2:30pm: Keynote 3: Erika Cudworth and Matthew Cole, Uplifting the Human and dominating the Animal: Imperialism, Violence and the “Civilizing Process”

2:30 – 2:45pm: Break

2:45 – 4:00: Panels 11 + 12

Panel 11: Interspecies Communities

Darran Chang, Organize and Resist with Farmed Animals: Prefiguring Anti-Speciesist/Anti-Anthropocentric Cities

Julia Gutjahr, Between Caring and Killing – Ambivalences in the Profession of Farm Animal Veterinary Medicine

Markus Kurth, From Animal Bio-politics to Post-Livestock Animals – Narratives and Practices of German Sanctuary Farms for New Human-Animal Relations

Panel 12: Animal symbols, reconstruction and resurrection in literature and art

Claudia Alonso Recarte, Elizabeth Costello’s Dilemma is very real: A few observations on the problematic relationship between Critical Animal Studies and the field of literature

Maria Trejling, Reading Animals Literally: The Activism of Desymbolization

EvaMarie Lindahl, The Choir of Isaac van Amburgh and his Animals

4:00 – 4:15pm:
Break (those going to Bishop’s House will walk there during this time)

4:15 – 5:30pm: Panels 13 + 14 + small group break-outs from Animal symbols, reconstruction and resurrection in literature and art panel

Panel 13: Interspecies politics

Eva Meijer, You see we’re all political animals, or: The importance of moving from nonhuman animal rights to interspecies democracies

Jana Canavan, The Swedish “Meat norm”: Obstacle to political reform     

Opi Outhwaithe, Judicial attitudes towards animals

Panel 14:
Animals in Entertainment

Alvaro López & Jafet Quintero, Bullfighting as an unethical dark tourism practice in Mexico

Matthew Cole, Speciesism Party: A vegan critique of Sausage Party

Small group break-out A: Bishop’s House Tour with EvaMarie Lindahl

Small group break-out B: Workshop with Paula Meninato, Creative Dissent: Why Imagination is Critical for Social Change

Small group break-out C: Julia Lindemalm, Katt People book discussion

7pm: Optional event: self-pay group dinner at Kao’s in Malmö


SATURDAY, October 28

9:30-10am: Breakfast

10-11am: Keynote 4: Volker Sommer, The Cultured Chimpanzee. Bridging the Animal-Human Divide

11 – 11:15am: Break

11:15am – 12:30pm: Panels 15 + 16

Panel 15: Food activism. Challenging the use of nonhuman animals

Eva Giraud, Communicating Care through Food. Food as a medium to enforce and disrupt normative understanding of human-animal and environmental relations

Sari Irni, Grandma’s Buns, Kitchen Experiments and Happy Stomachs: On Becoming-Vegan as an Affective Bodily Process

Kadri Aavik, “Stop forcing veganism on Children”: not eating non-human animals as a force of moral panic in Estonia

Panel 16:
Animals and Media representations

Brett Mills, The Anthropocene: Animals on Television

Martin Ullrich, Music and Speciesism

12:30 – 1:45pm: Lunch on your own in Lund; check for vegan-friendly suggestions!

1:45 – 3pm: Panels 17 + 18

Panel 17: Philosophy, Ethics, Ontology

Karin Kunde, Getting down to the root of trouble: nonhuman animals in language

Lisa Gålmark, Noticing, translating and deconstructing categories in history. Olympe de Gouges, the French revolution and the significance of the animal category

Sanna E Karhu, Animal Ethics in Light of Judith Butler’s Philosophy: The Problem of Nonviolence

Panel 18: Grief, Empathy, and the Psychology of Speciesism

Seth Josephson, Following a Beastly Trace: Aurochs and the Alphabet

Kurtis Boyer and Fabio Cristiano, Affect Beyond Proximity: Empathy, Drone Targeted Killings and Humanely Slaughtered Meat

R. Waldhorn, Social Dominance Theory: A psychosocial approach to understand speciesism

3 – 3:15pm:

3:15 – 5pm: Conference closing + Film screening of The Ghosts in Our Machine